Erosion Control

Erosion Control Checklist

  • Is your home on a Slope or a Hillside?
  • Water run-off that is moving the soil?
  • Puddles forming around your property?
  • Mud or wet soil around your property?
  • Damaged Basement or Crawlspace?

What is Erosion Control?

Erosion is when soil and rock are moved from one location to another due to the forces of water and wind. Erosion can be a very damaging and expensive problem if it not dealt with in a timely manner. Homeowners that live in the hills or on a slope are the most prone to erosion damage on their property.

Erosion Control service by Weinstein Construction will protect your property from costly damages, but can also provide cosmetic appeal. There is a variety of different solutions and erosion control methods available to meet your specific needs at the most cost-effective prices.

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Hillside Stabilization

erosion control Hillsides can be stabilized with a retaining wall.
Erosion can cause your home to slide on hillsides, causing serious damage. Mother Nature and other artificial processes lead to erosion, which slowly chip away at the support holding up your home.

Good news is that Weinstein Construction can prevent this disastrous incident from occurring with Hillside Stabilization! We offer a variety of hillside stabilization techniques, from ancient to modern at the most affordable prices.

Some techniques include: Gabions and Gabion Baskets, Shotcrete and Gunite, Caissons and Grade Beams, & Concrete Retaining Walls.

If your property is suffering from any kind of erosion, we have the right solution for you. There is no stabilization project we can’t solve!

Shoreline Protection

Erosion Control Living near the beach can be beautiful but also dangerous.
There are many extraordinary benefits of living on beachfront property. Unfortunately, this luxury comes along with erosion created by the water from the ocean.

When beachfront properties are threatened, the the construction of a Seawall provides significant protection. Seawalls are man made structures that are built parallel to the water to protect from the water and sand. They are commonly referred to as bulkheads and revetments.

Groins are another method of providing beachfront property protection from buildup of sand causing erosion to develop rather quickly.

Drainage Control

Erosion Control When you live on a hillside, you need to have erosion control.
Gravity forces water to constantly move downward. When your home is located on a slope, the water needs somewhere to go and without the proper protection, erosion will start to occur sooner than you think.

Not only is it important to control where and how the water is drained, but it is also very important to control the speed of the drainage as well.

The construction of swales/grading creates the perfect drainage solution for your hillside home against erosion. This process uses the natural flow of gravity to reshape and resurface your lawn or landscape.

Storm drains can be added to control the speed run-off down the slope of your property. Rock basket retaining walls, or gabions provide a beautiful aesthetic value as well.

We have a complete section dedicated to Drainage Control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Erosion Control?
Erosion is when something gets worn down by the forces of Mother Nature (Water, Wind, Waves, Glaciers).  In Southern California, WATER and WIND are the main causes of erosion.  Erosion Control is used to stop these forces from wearing down your home. Erosion can cause serious damage and needs to be taken care of ASAP.  Erosion is most common in homes that are built on a slope.  It starts to happen because of water that runs down the hill and onto the property. The water collects soil and debris on its way down the slope, which causes problems to anything in the way.  There are various methods to control erosion, but they all of one thing in common... To Protect Your Home.
How do I know if I need Erosion Control?
Is your home built on a slope? If the answer is yes, than it is more than likely you need erosion control.  If you notice any sort of erosion on or around your property, it should be taken care of ASAP.  If you are not sure if you need erosion control for your home, we are more than happy to help you out.  We will come to your home for a 100% FREE inspection, from there we will find out if there is any erosion problems and find the right solution to fix it.
How long does Erosion Control Take?
Erosion Control can be finished in as little as a half of a day.  Some jobs may require more work and may take up to a week to complete.  It all depends on how much work needs to be done to completely stop the erosion. Some jobs need special materials ordered, which can take some extra time to arrive.  We try to complete all of our jobs as fast as we can, while still giving  you the best quality work.
Do I need a permit for Erosion Control Services?
Yes, most Erosion Control  services do require a permit for work to be done.  There is no need to stress about any of this though.  If permits are needed, we will take care of the entire process for you.  You are welcome to pull the permits yourself if you would like though.  We do everything by the books and make sure the proper permits are taken out for each job.
How much does Erosion Control Cost?
Erosion Control is something that is so inexpensive compared to the damage that can happen if you do not have the service. Not only does erosion damage your house, but it can damage your entire landscape. You will save money on repair costs and gardening bills as well. It is a very small price to pay for the amount of loss that can occur if it is not done.


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